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Folder sharing is an indispensable part of our professional life. We share code, documents, tools and what not! The ‘Sharing and Security’ tab in the folder properties is where we do this. But the UI given by windows does not make it particularly easy for us. Especially we are hampered by the lack of contact management. It does not remember our favorite contacts. Every time we want to share something to someone we have to find their user name somehow and type it in ‘Add’ dialogue in ‘Permissions’ window. It is this drawback of the windows UI that ‘Easy Share’ is trying to address. It is a folder share creation, deletion and editing tool with integrated contact management. ‘Easy Share’ allows one to share folders and set permissions with two or three clicks.

EasyShare uses WMI to achieve its purpose. Its built on .net framework 2.0 and winforms.



Since this is version v1.0 of the tool, we could not plug in all the features that we wanted. Also we could not fix all the performance issues as well! Mainly..

a) Sharing to groups (including ‘Everyone’) is not yet available. Also you cannot create groups of user yet.
b) Since the tool always searches for users in the network, share creation and modification may take some significant time if the number of users with which you are sharing are more.

But we are working on all of these and you can expect and update from us soon!

PS- Users who have downloaded the tool please share feedback with me on the Discussions section. Also please raise all the issues in the 'Issue Tracker' section, so that I can roll out fixes for them (We would be delighted if you can help me in fixing them also :) ).

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